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What is TAC

TAC is an abbreviation of  Transaction Authorisation Code. This is a secrete code which authorises a payer to pay up your recipient. Give this code to your beneficiary to submit it to a payer.

Without this code the recipient may not be paid the amount

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Why do I need to verify my account?

As a regulated small payment institution we have a legal obligation to know the people we do business with. One of the ways of doing this is by requesting you to adhere to our guidlines on verifying your account.

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What does it mean if a transaction is Cancelled?

A cancelled transaction is a transaction that has been suspended or stoped due to suspicious matters or complaince issues. 

In some situations sender's cancel a transaction when they do not wish to further the transaction.

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How Does it Work?

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African Countries Independence Dates


Independence Dates


Algeria5th July 1962France
Angola11th November 1975Portugal
Benin1st August 1960France
Botswana30th September 1966Great Britain
Burkina Faso>5th August 1960France
Burundi1st July 1962Belgium
Cameroon1st January 1960
1st October 1961
Great Britain
Cape Verde5th July 1975Portugal
Central African Republic13th August 1960France
Chad11th August 1960France
Comoros6th July 1975France
Congo, Dem Republic30th June 1960Belgium
Congo, Republic15th August 1960France
Côte d'Ivoire7th August 1960France
Djibouti27th June 1977France
Egypt28th February 1922Great Britain
Equatorial Guinea12th October 1968Spain
EritreaNovember 1941
24th May 1993
EthiopiaNever a European Colony 
Gabon17th August 1960France
Gambia18th February 1965Great Britain
Ghana6th March 1957Great Britain
Guinea2nd October 1958France
Guinea-Bissau24th September 1973Portugal
Kenya12th December 1963Great Britain
Lesotho4th October 1966Great Britain
LiberiaNever a European Colony 
Libya10th February 1947
24th December 1951
UK/French Mandate
Madagascar26th June 1960France
Malawi6th July 1964Great Britain
Mali4th April 1960France
Mauritania28th November 1960France
Mauritius12th March 1968Great Britain
Morocco2nd March 1956
7th April 1956
Mozambique25th June 1975Portugal
Namibia21st March 1990South Africa
Niger3rd August 1960France
Nigeria1st October 1960Great Britain
Rwanda1st July 1962Belgium
Sao Tome and Principe12th July 1975Portugal
Senegal4th April 1960France
Seychelles29th June 1976Great Britain
Sierra Leone27th April 1961Great Britain
Somalia1st July 1960Italy
Great Britain
South Africa31st May 1910Great Britain
Sudan1st January 1956Great Britain
Swaziland6th September 1968Great Britain
9th December 1961
10th December 1963
Merger 26th April 1964
Great Britain
Togo27th April 1960France
Tunisia20th March 1956France
Western Sahara14th November 1975Spain
Uganda9th October 1962Great Britain
Zambia24th October 1964Great Britain
Zimbabwe11th November 1965
18th April 1980
Declared against UK
Recognised by UK
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Account TopUp

Regularly topping up your account can speed up your transaction and allow for funds to be almost instantly available for collection

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Why is the branch name compulsory when adding a bank account

Whilst it may not be needed in some cases. Providing the bank branch name helps our payers to pay your money to the right receiving bank account, especially in countries where banking systems are less robust. 

This can also help speed up your transaction fulfillment.

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My country is not listed on your website, can I still send

Our money transfer services cover over 51 countries globally. We also work with local Money Transfer Operators and Banks to honour our financial obligations to you. 

Please feel free to give us a call on +44 (0)12 3380 1001 to inquire about the services available to your company. Better still sign up to our Newsletter to be kept informed of any new services to your country.

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Our Nigeria Fees

Up to Amount (GBP)
 Fee (GBP) / Perc




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Nigerian Banks

Banks and their Swift Codes

'044'=>'Access Bank Nigeria Plc
,'063'=>'Diamond Bank Plc'
,'050'=>'Ecobank Nigeria'
,'084'=>'Enterprise Bank Plc'
,'070'=>'Fidelity Bank Plc'
,'011'=>'First Bank of Nigeria Plc'
,'214'=>'First City Monument Bank'
,'058'=>'Guaranty Trust Bank Plc'
,'030'=>'Heritage Banking Company Ltd'
,'301'=>'Jaiz Bank'
,'082'=>'Keystone Bank Ltd'
,'014'=>'Mainstreet Bank Plc'
,'076'=>'Skye Bank Plc'
,'039'=>'Stanbic IBTC Plc'
,'232'=>'Sterling Bank Plc'
,'032'=>'Union Bank Nigeria Plc'
,'033'=>'United Bank for Africa Plc'
,'215'=>'Unity Bank Plc'
,'035'=>'WEMA Bank Plc'
'057'=>'Zenith Bank International

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